At the YES U CAN MASTERCLASS you will:


Identify what's stopping you

Make peace with your past and create your future


Increase confidence and boost self esteem


Discover what really matters and what is important


Overcome obstacles, expose fear and embrace failure


Take a risk and THINK for a change


Let go of what you had in mind


Develop the courage to BELIEVE again, BEGIN again and BUILD again


Two is better than one! Why attend this life changing experience alone when you have the option to bring a friend. There is nothing more exhilarating than doing something you love with someone you love.  This will be a life defining moment.  Create a memory and bring someone with you. Plus you both get a discount of £100 each, you can't ask for more than that!!!

You know what they say about the EARLY BIRD?  Well, the YES U CAN MASTERCLESS early bird will get a discount of £50 if you register and pay in full by May 5th 2019...WHY WAIT? It costs more to procrastinate!! Register TODAY (or pay even less and bring a friend).

The option to pay by instalments requires a deposit of £97 and two further instalments of £100 each.   The final instalment must be made by May 10th 2019.  All payments are transferable but non-refundable.

The recommended retail price for the YES U CAN MASTERCLASS is £497, however it was important to Karen that this life changing experience was accessible to as many people as possible.  Investing in yourself, as opposed to on yourself, is one of the best investments you will ever make.


Over the course of the next twenty years, Karen's journey, which included intentional investments, frequently took her across the continent to find out if there was really such a thing as 'true success' and if so, was it something that she could experience for herself. She wanted to know what was the missing link, why was it that some people appear to be much more 'successful' than others, whether it be financially, relationally, physically or spiritually?


Interestingly, she discovered that for many people around the world 'success' is solely and directly linked to financial gain, most people believe that once they acquire enough money, then 'success' has been accomplished.  But in her heart she knew that there must be more to it than that .

The YES U CAN Masterclass is an exclusive, life defining, personal development experience in which, Karen Allen exposes and explains the many obstacles she had to overcome and the barriers she had to breakthrough in order to become the woman she is today.  Often described as a prolific speaker and profound leader, Karen is also an author, activist and mother of five!

Karen's passion for personal development began at the, not so tender, age of 23 when she was given a book called, 'THINK BIG' by Dr Ben Carson. Looking back on that time in her life, Karen describes herself as a 'late comer' to the exciting and exhilarating world of self discovery and self development. 


Over the past four years (2015 - present) Karen's life took a dramatic turn and as a result she came to a life changing conclusion. Having almost experienced a mental and physical breakdown after the breakup of her marriage, she was left to raise four sons, having just found out she was pregnant with her fifth child. Karen discovered first hand, that there is so much more to success than meets the eye.


She learned a painful but priceless lesson, finding out that whilst having financial success is indeed a commonly desired end, it is by cultivating a SUCCESSFUL MINDSET, which can only be achieved through PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, that will ultimately result in sustained, long lasting, life altering success. The kind of success that money cannot buy.

Karen's journey has been a rollercoaster ride, from an insecure, self doubting, depressed woman who was paralyzed by low self esteem, she has experienced many valleys but equally as many mountains. 


Today, Karen is hailed as an highly acclaimed author, renowned inspirational speaker,  transitional leader, social activist, playwright and most recently she became an actress, which has been added to her coat of many colours.    She is now a mother of five, who is passionate about helping others to find the courage and the confidence to BELIEVE again, BEGIN again and BUILD again. 

In this exclusive YES U CAN Masterclass Karen will candidly share her story and the strategies, systems and success principles that she used, and continues to use, to totally transform her life.  She is living proof that anyone can be who they deeply desire to be, anyone can do what they dream of doing and anyone can have what they genuinely deserve to have, IF THEY ARE PREPARED TO DO THE WORK.  In Karen's equation, this is the ultimate manifestation of success.

If you apply what you learn, your life  will never be the same again...EVER!



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