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Brokenness is an unavoidable epidemic. Everybody has been or will be affected by it.  In her highly acclaimed book, 'Broken into useful pieces', Karen Allen candidly shares her struggles and exposes her vulnerability during a time in her life when everything she believed in and put her hope in was shattered.




Karen often laughs out loud when people say things like 'I want to be just like you'.  She remembers all too often the times when she wanted to be the woman she has become today but never, ever thought it was possible.  Riddled with insecurities, low self esteem, and self-condemnation Karen was convinced that the future didn't have much to offer. Until she discovered otherwise.




For seven years Karen was the founder and host of one of the UK's most influential and inspirational women's empowerment events called DARE TO DREAM.  Held every year during International Women's Month, the purpose of the experience was to renew hope, revive dreams and restore the lives of women who had for one reason or another lost sight of their dreams.



What do you do when life throws you a curve ball and you have to let go of what you had in mind?


In this devotional, using the alphabet, Karen reveals some of the processes and practices she uses during the 'winter seasons' when life is not exactly going the way you planned.




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