Karen the founder and CEO of the PLACE OF DREAMS LTD a community empowerment and support agency as well as the trailblazer responsible for the 747 ASSEMBLY, a spiritual empowerment network for leaders. The three fold cord of her life's work is made up of learning, leadership and leaving a  legacy.    As a visionary leader Karen has pioneered a number of initiatives particularly around issues and challenges facing young people.  She was the organiser of the 'R U MAD Youth campaign', where over one hundred people were led in a peace march throughout the streets of Hackney, East London to the Town Hall.  She likes to describe her leadership style as practical and pragmatic, as she is always seeking solutions to help relieve society's ills.  

As a professional, Karen Allen is a coach, consultant and community leader who uses her skill set and creative capacity to accomplish her mission.  She has worked with corporate, church and community leaders  to set up administrative systems, clarify visions and train leadership teams.


Karen also develops and delivers bespoke programmes that are designed to equip and empower women and young people.  She is especially passionate about the restoration and rehabilitation of young offenders and as such she has designed a number of personal development programs that have been rolled out in the probation service throughout a number of London Boroughs, the most recognised program being ‘Prison is a State of Mind’.  The London Borough of Haringey said of the programme,


‘An overall success, the sessions were informative and interactive and there was hardly a dull moment for the duration of the programme’.


Karen is also an entrepreneur, conference host and the playwright. behind the true to life drama entitled, 'The Countdown'. 



Karen's focus includes equipping and empowering corporate, church and community leaders to develop their skills enabling them to expand their services and ultimately extend their reach.  She is passionate about helping leaders develop sustainable solutions, strategies and systems working closely with individuals and their teams to clarify vision a effectively communicate their mission.

Karen is available for coaching and consultations.  


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