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Karen Allen is a renowned author, inspirational speaker, preacher, teacher, content creator and transformational leader whose passion and purpose includes the empowerment and development of others. As part of her life's mission she is committed to challenging the norm and changing he narrative as it relates to young people and in particular black men. Karen is  also the proud mother of five phenomenal human beings, Amario, Anton, Alexander, Ashton and Queen Annabelle. She affectionately refers to them as the 'Allen Eagles'. 



"The NEXUS team have had the privilege of working with the Place Of Dreams since 2021 and have witnessed first-hand the huge impact that their programmes have had on the lives of children and young people in Enfield. To date, Karen has delivered a range of bespoke assemblies, projects and programs to approximately 2500 children and young people across 6 secondary schools in Enfield. She has also had a significant impact on the lives of young women through the ‘The PEARLS Project’ – an empowerment programme carefully designed to transform the lives of teenage girls

The Place Of Dreams have also been very instrumental in the development of the NEXUS 325 Initiative, by creating an afterschool debate club provision called Use Your Voice. Use Your Voice was piloted in two secondary schools in 2022, engaging a total of 29 young people over a period of 10 weeks. Not only has this project succeeded in developing the oracy skills of the pupils who participated, it has developed their critical thinking skills as well as their confidence and communication by giving them a platform to express themselves in a safe space". 

Olivia Wittich - NEXUS Project Manager


New Book Release

only available at the online home of karen allen


Thou Art The Man is Karen's latest project released in Summer 2020. 

This life defining book authored by Karen Allen takes the reader on a journey of self reflection, self discovery and self love.  Written specifically but not exclusively for men, her mission is to edify, empower and encourage men everywhere to activate and cultivate the King within. 


As a mother of four sons, a sister, a daughter and trusted friend, Karen's heart for men is evident and unquestionable.  She is passionate and purposeful when it comes to speaking life into the lives of men who have been targeted, tainted and tormented throughout their lives, her desire is to see men set free to become everything God intended. 


 There is a bonus chapter in the book written especially for women who want to bring out the best in the men in their lives.


Thou Art The Man is more than a MANUSCRIPT...this is a *MOVEMENT!



Plus £3.05 posting & packaging

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Thou Art The Man is also part of a wider programme entitled 



Welcome to the online home of

Karen Allen

As you navigate through these pages we hope you discover some inspiration, information or insight.  If there is anything  you need that you cannot find, do not hesitate to get in touch, Karen is looking forward to connecting with you!



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“You are so special to me thank you for looking after me so well. I would be happy to sit with you to plan Dare to Dream in Ghana. Your  cup will never be empty”

Dame Betty Asafu-Adjaye
Pioneer Mission Dine Club
(RIP 2018)

“Karen Allen, this is what you are about, you make sacrifices to get the best out of people, you inspire people to reach greater heights and their full potential, you encourage women to unlock that creative gene inside them, causing them to dream again!.”

Joy Ibe
Forensic Scientist
(RIP 2016)

“I started to read your book and did not, or more precisely, could not put it down until I had finished it.  I had four hours of Karen personally reading to me, your voice, meaning your heart, soul, mind and spirit is amplified  in the book. An outstanding life changing book”

Marcia Batten

CEO Pass the Baton


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